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Office Moving Services by Reliable Miami Moving Company

Planning and preparing for an office move is unfamiliar for most people. To make your move a stress-free experience, Reliable Movers Miami offers a complete relocation service in Miami-Dade County with effective planning from the first initial contact through to completion, including:


  • Preparation
  • Packing
  • Porterage
  • IT Removals
  • Crate Hire
  • Storage


Whatever the size of your move, be it a large scale relocation or two porters for internal moving requirements. When you relocate, Reliable Office Movers Miami will make the process run smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively.

We can move your company at dates and times convenient to the running of your business – during weekends or throughout the night if you wish. We will work continuous shifts to ensure that your move is completed within your time schedules and with the minimum disruption to your business routine.

Floor Plans

Please prepare a plan of each floor at your new premises indicating where you require office furniture and equipment to be located. Rooms should be numbered individually, in sequential order. Furniture and equipment within each room should be letter coded or numbered, also in sequence. Please place the plans in prominent positions at entry to each room/floor or alternatively hand directly to our consultant prior to the move.

Color Coding

Reliable Movers Miami will supply colored labels for you to attach to all your furniture, equipment and packing crates. Allocate a different color of label to each floor in your new premises, then write the room number and position of each item on that label accordingly to the layout plans of the new premises. Everything to be moved must be labelled.


Please inform the caretakers at your old and new premises when you are moving and obtain permission to use lifts and keep the building open to complete the move. Lift Engineers should be on stand-by in case of breakdown. Delays can be expensive.

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